TOMI's position on the environment

TOMI is consorted with the environmental policy of AKTOR Group.

Respecting and protecting the environment provides a strategy for the company's long term and eco-friendly development. Compliance with national and European environmental legislative requirements, as well as continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance are the axes on which its environmental policy moves, contributing at the same time to the overall sustainable development. As part of continuous and on-going improvement of its environmental performance, AKTOR implements its Environmental Management System, which is verified according to EMAS, and certified according to ISO 14001:2004.


Within the framework of Sustainable Development, AKTOR constructed the Headquarters building of the Group according to the specifications of the European GreenBuilding Program. As a result, AKTOR achieved 26% saving of the energy consumption and since 2007 has officially the status of GreenBuilding Partner. Investing in the environment has proven to produce significant benefits, beyond those concerning the environment. AKTOR is trying to promote the principles of the GreenBuilding Program to its interested parties, taking always into consideration their business intentions and targets.


AKTOR participated in 2009 to the third (as well as to the previous two) competition of Hellenic Business Awards for the Environment, which are organized in Greece, corresponding to the European Business Awards for the Environment, that is being organized in every member state of the European Union.

These awards compose a European institution since 1987 and aim to the recognition and the promotion of businesses environmental practices for the protection of the environment, as well as raising the business sensitivity in environmental issues. In the framework of competitions AKTOR presented an integrated sustainable development strategy and was nominated with the first award for environmental management that the company implements in the construction, keeping the advantage of the environmental friendliest business in construction sector.

Through the afore-mentioned actions, AKTOR intends to the transition from the present phase of construction to the next phase which is the "sustainable construction". A construction beneficial to the environment, the society and the economic prosperity.

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